ARKEMiX-Paris, your global marketing partner for 21rst century AIRMOST, ANTIKCAVE, BERKLAYS, KRYSTER, BESTFORMA, are sold by ARKEMIX in nearly 30 countries : A/Cs, Energy, Wine cellars, Electronics, Appliances, Epaper, Services, Pharma, Videosecurity, …


ARKEMIX, based in Paris, France, meets 21rst century challenges. Worldwide, production and distribution shifts steadily toward globalisation. On the other hand, niche brands are also growing fast, not to mention new giants in IP or e-business which pops up any other day. A key for success by any corporation, large or small, depends on its capacity to adapt very fast to the changing environment. ARKEMIX’s network, interacting with the marketing strength of the company, creates outstanding value for the partners, from production to distribution through services. Sharing profitability appears in fact as a cement for positive and long lasting relationship.

Founded by Thibault de LA RIVIERE, MBA, CCEF, 25 years experience in international trade in over 80 markets, ARKEMIX’s team is proud to move forward and show her strength and flexibility through quality brands’ portfolio management. Our goal is to continue to connect exceptional business men and women sharing the same values toward responsible development worldwide.



ARKEMIX 6 avenue du Coq – 75009 – Paris – France


Fax : +33 179 751767